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The founders of the Polish branch of the Digital Dentistry Society assumed that in order to support the development of digital technologies in dentistry, it is necessary to create specialized thematic teams dealing with selected areas of the association’s activity. Each new member of the association declares from the very beginning active participation in min. one and max two thematic groups.

Magdalena Zçywicka

Dr. Magdalena Żywicka


board members

Agnieszka Laskus

Dr. Agnieszka Laskus

Vice Ambassador
Piotr Fudalej

Dr. Piotr Fudalej

Board Member

Dr. Tomasz Śmigiel

Board Member
Bartek Cerkaski

Mr. Bartosz Cerkaski

Board Member
Jacek Chmielewski

Dr. Jacek Chmielewski

Board Member
Sebastian Walerzak

Dr. Sebastian Walerzak

Board Member
Piotr Nagdaowski

Mr. Piotr Nagadowski

Board Member

Mr. Cezary Langot

Board Member
Lüukasz Lassmann

Dr. Lukasz Lassmann

Board Member

Dr. Joanna Trybuła-Chmielewska

Membership Committee
Bartosz Troczyński portret 035

Mr. Bartosz Troczyński

Membership Committee

DDS Active Members – Poland

Piotr Nagadowski
Marzena Borkowska-brożek
Natalia Nagadowska
Lukasz Sopalowicz